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Stonehouse Farm is a small operation dedicated to raising quailty chicken, turkey and ducks on pasture in movable pens. Hogs are raised outdoors and fed a mixture of a local grain ration and left over produce. Sales to restaurants and the public.

A regional sheep, lamb & goat breeders and producers association, with members from 8 Maryland Counties, plus a few members from out-of-state. The FCSB is an excellent resource for restaurants and individuals to purchase custom-processed lamb &…

We grow and sell specialty mushrooms (Oyster, Shiitake, Enoki, Lion’s Mane). We sell at Anne Arundel Farmers Market, Easton Farmers Market and Cambridge Farmers Market.

  Hydroponic Basil Farmer with farms in MD & PA. Envista Farms, LLC is a commercial scale hydroponics grower and distributor of herbs and vegetables to retailers in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Fisherman’s Daughter Brand Oysters are a local Chesapeake Bay farm raised oyster harvested off the shores of Tilghman Island, Maryland. You will taste medium to light saltiness with a sweet finish within the meat.  The oyster features a deep…

Family-operated apiaries located near Peachblossom Creek in Talbot County, Maryland, with hives in Easton, Oxford and Trappe. Offering raw, unprocessed Eastern Shore wildflower honey.