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Wild Caught Chesapeake Bay Blue Catfish

The Chesapeake blue catfish was introduced into the Chesapeake Bay decades ago and has drastically increased in numbers. Tasting similar to rockfish, blue catfish are not your typical “catfish.” The fish is a tasty, white flaky fish that is excellent in a variety of recipes, such as our Maryland’s Best recipes.

Eating the wild-caught Chesapeake blue catfish is not only good for you, it’s helping the Chesapeake Bay. Blue catfish is consuming other species in the Bay, such as crabs, oysters, rockfish, and anything else in its path, which is causing ecological damage.

Consumers can find the fish in select grocery stores and restaurants. Maryland’s Best has compiled a list of both retail and restaurants that serve the wild-caught Chesapeake blue catfish.

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Broom’s Bloom Dairy is a family owned and operated dairy farm run by Kate and David Dallam located in Bel Air, Maryland. Along with the farm the Dallams also run a cafe on the property. With their meals they serve ice cream, cheese, and milk made and bottled within walking distance of the establishment which makes for a sustainable and deliciously fresh dining experience.

To find more cow to cone creameries like Broom’s Bloom Dairy check out our Ice Cream Trail.

Maryland dairy farms offer a wide variety of products in addition to ice cream. For example, In 2022, Maryland’s dairy industry produced more than 876 million pounds of milk and generated over $157 million in sales (USDA NASS, 2023). You can also find plenty of cheeses from cows to goats and also yogurts! Below is a list of farms and products that sell direct to consumers. Check them out and for more information visit marylandsbest.net.


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