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Eastern Shore Dairy Farmer, produce aged raw milk cheeses.

Farmers / Vendors include: – Mt. Pleasant Farm (MD) – Crystal Dawn Produce (MD) – Ewelltide Farm (MD) – Beasley’s Farm (MD) – Homestead Farms, Inc. (MD) – Provident Farm (MD) – Char-D Farm (MD) –…

Far Eastern Shore Winery is a family-owned, boutique micro-winery located on the eastern shore of Maryland, in the historic town of Easton.

We grow vegetables as close to organically as possible. No chemical fertilizers. Spraying only when absolutely necessary.

We grow and sell specialty mushrooms (Oyster, Shiitake, Enoki, Lion’s Mane). We sell at Anne Arundel Farmers Market, Easton Farmers Market and Cambridge Farmers Market.

Family-operated apiaries located near Peachblossom Creek in Talbot County, Maryland, with hives in Easton, Oxford and Trappe. Offering raw, unprocessed Eastern Shore wildflower honey.