Got Oysters? A Maryland Oyster Guide

Got Oysters? A Maryland Oyster Guide
As of 2023, there are 474 aquaculture operations and growing! With so many operations, there are plenty of varieties to try from salty delights like the Salty Buoys from Fallen Pine Oyster Company in Havre de Grace or more mild oysters like the Eastern oyster from the 38 North Oysters in Southern Maryland. Contrary to popular belief, Maryland oysters are available year-round and you no longer have to wait for an “r” month. Whether you shuck at home or are looking for a place to enjoy, make sure you ask for Maryland oysters. Supporting the oyster population in the Chesapeake Bay contributes to the health of the overall Bay and supports the local economy – in fact, the estimated economic impact in 2022 was $13,335,525.63!
Oysters are also nature’s “filters” and play a vital role in the ecosystem. Check out this video supplied by the Oyster Recovery Partnership on the effectiveness of oysters in the water!

Speaking of the Oyster Recovery Partnership (ORP), did you know they recycle oyster shells and use them to plant new water-filtering oysters back into Maryland’s portion of the Chesapeake Bay?? You can help by dining at one of the 200+ restaurants that recycle shells in ORP’s program or taking shells from oysters you consume at home to one of 70 public recycling drop sites. This is a deliciously simple way to help with Bay recovery efforts!”

To start slurping (or savoring), click the link to find Maryland oysters and always ask the server at a restaurant if you’re not sure. 

Use the videos and links below to learn the best ways to buy, clean and shuck this tasty seafood!

How to Buy Oysters

Buying Guide- Maryland Oysters

How to Clean Oysters

Wild oysters may need a quick rinse if they’re muddy, scrubbing with a brush if needed before you shuck, as Chef Gwyn demonstrates! (Using a hose outdoors is a great idea too!) Watch the video linked below.

How to Shuck Oysters

Opening oysters is a snap once you get the hang of it. Make sure to wear a glove or wrap your hand with a towel before beginning. Watch the video linked below to see a proper technique of how to shuck an oyster without losing the juice that gives them their delicious taste!