Celebrate Maryland’s Veteran Farmers!

Celebrate Maryland’s Veteran Farmers!

To support Maryland veterans who farm, the Homegrown by Heroes program provides unique signage to identify and promote products at farmers’ markets and local groceries grown by local veterans.

The department’s family of Maryland’s Best logos was created to identify and promote products as locally grown or produced.


The Homegrown By Heroes label (HBH) is the official farmer veteran branding program of America and is administered nationally by the Farmer Veteran Coalition. It certifies ranchers, farmers, and fishermen of all military eras to sell their products as veteran-owned and produced. The label informs consumers that agricultural products donning the logo were produced by U.S. military veterans, and it allows veterans to differentiate their farm and ranch products in the marketplace.


  • Veterans of any branch of the U.S. Military from all service eras–including those currently serving
  • Those who received a characterization of service of ‘Honorable’ or ‘General (Under Honorable Conditions)’ upon discharge
  • Agribusinesses and farming operations that maintain a minimum of 50% veteran ownership and a minimum of 50% veteran management control
  • Value-added products that contain a minimum of 50% non-water ingredients produced by an HBH-certified producer


The Farmer Veteran Coalition was granted the honor of administering the “Homegrown By Heroes” program nationally on Veterans Day 2013. The “Homegrown By Heroes Maryland’s Best” program is available free of charge to Maryland farmers who have served in any branch of the armed services.

Eligible farmers interested in joining the program are encouraged to visit the Farmer Veteran Coalition website.

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To reach out to your local contact at Maryland Department of Agriculture, contact Mark Powell at mark.powell@maryland.gov or 410-841-5775.