The 2023 Maryland’s Best Ice Cream Champion Trailblazers are….

The 2023 Maryland’s Best Ice Cream Champion Trailblazers are….

The Steele Family! 

Congratulations to the Steeles on this delicious honor! The family won this prestigious competition by eating their way through the Maryland Ice Cream Trail – a unique journey consisting of nine on-farm ice creameries – and submitting photos of their adventure to Maryland’s Best for consideration. Mom, Melissa, accompanied by her sister and their kids, had an amazing time making their way through the state and has shared her favorite memories about each stop below. 

As the 2023 Ice Cream Champion Trailblazers, the family will receive a $50 gift certificate to the creamery of their choice, a copy of the children’s book “Tales of the Dairy Godmother: Chuck’s Ice Cream Wish,” the 2023 Maryland’s Best Ice Cream Champion Trailblazer plaque and golden ice cream scooper, and, most importantly, ULTIMATE BRAGGING RIGHTS!

Congrats again to our newest Champion Trailblazers! 


My kids and I are so excited we won! Thank you MDA !!!

We had a wonderful time traveling the Ice Cream Trail this summer! We actually did the Ice Cream Trail together with my sister and her daughter/my niece (The Bochinski Family)! It was a lot of fun!

Our first stop was to our favorite location, Brooms Bloom! Brooms Bloom has great ice cream and awesome food! It has a nice outside seating area that gives you a farm feel and is also the closest location to our house!


Our second stop was to Keyes Creamery. This location has wonderful ice cream as well as a super cute wooden ice cream sundae picture stand that we loved!

Our third stop was to Prigel Family Creamery. This location has very good ice cream as well as yummy food! This location looks to have really cool and fun events like a Sunset Cow Picnic! 

 Our fourth stop was to South Mountain Ice Cream Shop in downtown Frederick. This location has a yummy ice cream and has a wonderful downtown area to walk around and explore!

Our fifth stop was to Deliteful Dairy. This location’s soft serve ice cream was delightful and has beautiful scenery on the farm with outdoor seating to enjoy it! This location had my favorite picture spot by the Deliteful Dairy truck. They also had a friendly little dog wandering around that my kids enjoyed.

Our sixth stop was to Woodbourne Creamery at Rockhill Orchard. This location has good ice cream and a nice little playground the kid had a lot of fun on.

Our seventh stop was to Misty Meadow Farm Creamery. This location has great ice cream and the best outdoor fun out of all the locations! The kids and I had a great time visiting their animals, playing on the pedal tractors, the playground, and going through the maze! Best kid friendly place!

Our eighth stop was to Rocky Point Creamery. This location has great ice cream, a fun combine tractor playground, and a sunflower field!

 Our ninth stop was to Chesapeake Bay Farms. This location has yummy ice cream and a cute baby cow to visit next to their outside sitting area. We had a great time traveling to this location because we visited Assateague National Park for the day and then stopped here on our way home!

We had a wonderful time visiting each and every location on the trail together! Thank you to all who put this fun summer activity together! – Melissa Steele