Buy Local Week is Here

Buy Local Week is Here
Buy Local Bingo
July 21-31, 2023

1. Shop at a farmer’s market: Shopping at a local farmers market is easy and fun! Besides being an interactive experience you get to meet the people responsible for growing your food and can ask them how it was grown and get tips and tricks for preparation.  To find local farmers markets near you click here.

Hot Tip: Make sure to check out your farmer’s markets social pages to see if they will have live music and other fun promotions.


2. Pick your own produce: Picking your own produce can be a fun experience for the whole family. Not only do you get to learn about where your food comes from you can hand pick your own food. Many pick your own operations offer additional activities for you and your family to enjoy while on the farm as well as opportunities to enjoy food and beverages so make sure to plan accordingly.

3. Eat ice cream at a dairy farm: Robotics, cows and freezing temperatures might sound like something out of a sci-fi movie but visiting a dairy farm and eating some nice cold ice cream is a rewarding experience. Many of the dairy farms offer tours and chances to pet the cows and see the milking process which can be pretty high-tech with some farms know choosing to use robotic milking machines. Want to learn more? Check out Maryland’s Best Ice Cream trail! If you visit all the creameries on the trail you are eligible “cool” prizes.

4. Pick a Maryland crab: In 1989, the Maryland Blue Crab (Callinectes sapidus Rathbun) was designated the State Crustacean and it’s name literally translates to “Beautiful swimmer that is savory”. That being said, picking a crab is something that every Marylander should do at least once. Want to learn how to pick like a professional? Watch this video.

Want to enjoy a crab without the mess and stress of cooking them yourself? Check out this resource to help you locate Maryland crabs at a restaurant near you. Make sure to ask if they use True Blue crab meat.

5. Eat a piece of Maryland corn.

6. Eat a Maryland watermelon: Watermelon is a staple of summer. Did you know that you can find Maryland grown watermelon and that there is even a Watermelon Queen? For tips and tricks on how to prepare watermelon and more visit here.

7. Eat a Maryland peach: Peaches are plentiful in Maryland and nothing tastes sweeter than one that’s fresh picked. For peach recipes click here.

8. Slurp a Maryland oyster: Thanks to growing aquaculture here in Maryland you can find tasty Maryland oysters year round. To learn more about where to buy, how to shuck and clean click here.  You can find find oyster recipes here.

Looking to enjoy a Maryland oyster at your favorite restaurant, don’t worry you can find a list here.

9. Eat blue catfish: Blue catfish is an invasive species in the Chesapeake Bay and it’s tributaries and they are a significant threat to Maryland’s blue crab population. The best way we can control the population is by eating it, and it is a delicious clean tasting fish that is similar in texture to rockfish. For recipes click here.

10. Enjoy a bouquet of Maryland flowers: Fresh cut flowers are great for any occasion or no occasion at all. Not only do they add color and vibrancy to any place their perfumed scents can be calming. Find a local grower near you.

11. Make a Maryland-sourced charcuterie board: From Maryland meats and cheese to fruits breads and jams, your guests will be impressed by a full size board made completely from local products.

12. Make a dinner utilizing only Maryland ingredients: Talk to a grower at your local farmer’s market in order to use in-season products.

13. Use Maryland honey: Beekeeping is a popular hobby and source of income for beekeepers. There are about 1,800 beekeepers that keep 14,000 colonies scattered throughout Maryland.  To find Maryland honey click here.

14. Buy a plant grown in Maryland: Buying a plant grown in Maryland soil and supporting your local garden center helps support the local economy and gives you a greater variety of heirloom plants and plants tailored to your growing region.

15. Stop at a farm stand.

16. Visit a farm.

17. Eat something local for every meal for one day.

18. Try something new at the farmers market. Not sure what’s in season? Check out our handy guides.

19. Eat out at a farm-to-table restaurant: Want to enjoy a locally sourced meal but just don’t have the time. We’ve got you covered. Check out this list of farm to table restaurants near you.

20. Drink a local beer: With over 100 craft breweries in the state, a brewing company dating back to the 1870’s and even it’s own hop, Maryland’s brewery culture runs deep.  So let’s raise a glass to Maryland beer. To learn more click here.

21. Drink a Maryland wine: There are over 100 licensed wineries in Maryland and contributes over 2 billion dollars to the states economy and 22,000 jobs according to a Value Added Agriculture study conducted by Grow and Fortify.

To find a winery near you check out Maryland Wineries Association or this resource which also lists wine trail throughout Maryland.

22. Attend an on-farm event.

23. Drink a Maryland glass of milk: Per the University of Maryland Extension, in 2022, Maryland’s dairy industry produced over 876 million pounds of milk and generated over $157 million in sales. By enjoying a glass of milk produced in Maryland you’re helping to increase sales in this booming Maryland industry. Cheers!

24. Eat a Maryland egg.

25. Eat a Maryland crab cake.

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