Get Fresh & Fragrant, Buy a Local Christmas Tree

Get Fresh & Fragrant, Buy a Local Christmas Tree

This year be sure to visit a Maryland Christmas tree farm with your family. Not only do real trees look and smell beautiful, they are also a renewable, recyclable resource that keep unwanted waste out of our landfills and are good for the environment.

Buying locally grown trees, including choose-and-cut trees, supports family owned farms and businesses, preserves farmland, and protects the environment. At the end of the season, trees are recycled a number of ways, such as being chipped into mulch, that return important nutrients to the earth.

While growing, Christmas trees absorb carbon dioxide and other gases and emit fresh oxygen, unlike artificial trees which are petroleum-based. When growing in open space, a 3-inch diameter Douglas-fir tree can reduce atmospheric carbon by 23 pounds and intercept 102 gallons of storm water runoff per year.

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