Buying, Cleaning & Shucking Oysters

Thanks to the addition of farmed seafood you no longer have to wait till summer to get your hands on oysters. Now you can enjoy oysters all year long! Use the videos and PDF linked below to know the best ways to buy, clean and shuck this tasty seafood!

How to Buy Oysters

Buying Guide- Maryland Oysters

How to Clean Oysters

Wild oysters sit on the floor of waterways and end up covered in silt. Give them a quick rinse if they’re muddy, scrubbing with a brush if needed before you shuck, as Chef Gwyn demonstrates! (Using a hose outdoors is a great idea too!) Watch the video linked blow!

Cleaning Oysters

How to Shuck Oysters

Opening oysters is a snap once you get the hang of it. Make sure to wear a glove or wrap your hand with a towel before beginning. Watch the video linked below to see a proper technique of how to shuck an oyster without losing the juice that gives them their delicious taste!

The Secret to Shucking Oysters