Maryland’s Best Logo Registration – Producers

Introduced in 2001, the Maryland’s Best logo was created to provide a visual reference for consumers to identify agricultural products as grown in Maryland.

Register to use the Maryland’s Best logo on your products, containers, marketing materials and more. Consumers recognize the Maryland’s Best logo and prefer to purchase locally grown products that feature the logo.

Since its inception, the Maryland’s Best logo has grown to feature a family of logos.

The Maryland’s Best Logo

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The Maryland’s Best Logo – Fresh, Local


The Maryland’s Best Seafood Logo – Fresh, Local


Today, more than 52% of consumers in the state are familiar with the logo according to research by University of Delaware economists John Bernard and Katheryn Onken in 2010.

The Maryland Department of Agriculture reaches more than 1 million Maryland and D.C. consumers a year through it’s Maryland’s Best advertising campaigns which feature the logo prominently.


In order to use the logo on fruits and vegetables, 100% of the product must be grown in Maryland.

The requirements to use the logo on specialty products can vary depending on the type of product. Please contact the Maryland Department of Agriculture, Office of Marketing to receive specific information on requirements for your products.


To register to use the Maryland’s Best logo on your agricultural products, please select the link below and fill out all of the information. Once submitted, we will review and respond to your request.

 Registration to use the Maryland’s Best Logo

For any questions please contact Audrey Broomfield at 410-841-5838 or

There are no fees to use the Maryland’s Best logo.

The Maryland’s Best logo is not an endorsement from the Maryland Department of Agriculture and is used only to identify products as Maryland grown or produced.

The Maryland Department of Agriculture reserves the right to refuse companies the use of the Maryland’s Best logo. In addition, MDA reserves the right to revoke a company’s privilege to use the logo.

The Maryland Department of Agriculture requests that all companies registered to use the Maryland’s Best logo send in any artwork with the logo to MDA before going to print. This is only to insure that the logo is being used properly and MDA will respond within one week.