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3423 Turner Rd Monkton, MD, 21111.


39.580381, -76.530099


Wild Peace Farm is a small, certified organic vegetable farm located in Freeland, MD.  We grow a wide variety of seasonal vegetables.  We’re working to provide fresh, nutritious food for our community in a way that’s harmonious with the natural world around us.

It’s important to us to farm without the use of toxic pesticides or herbicides, without GMOs, and without a dependence on chemical fertilizers. We minimize our use of even organic pesticides; instead, we prefer to manage insect pests with physical barriers like row covers. This year we had success using parasitic wasps to help control bean beetles, so in the future we will experiment with using other beneficial insects.  We increase soil health with crop rotation, cover crops, organic soil amendments, and compost. Weed control is achieved with straw mulch, re-usable plastic ground cover, and mechanical and manual cultivation. We would be happy to talk to you about any of our farming practices if you’re interested!

We are just beginning the exciting journey of building a vibrant, resilient, and efficient farm and are thankful to our community and customers for your support.

You can buy our produce at three local farmers markets.

Feel free to contact us at: