We own and operate a dairy farm located in Middletown Valley, Frederick County, MD. We milk approximately 80 cows of which most are Guernseys. We also have jerseys, milking shorthorn and brown swiss. We choose Guernseys because of the efficiency, economical benefits and high components which make excellent cheeses, butters, ice cream and more. Our herd is A2A2 as well. This opens a wide consumer base as A2A2 proteins allow those with dairy issues to introduce dairy back into their diets. We farm 320 acres, of which 181 are owned, the rest is rented. We grow corn, alfalfa, grass hay, barley, sometimes wheat and or soybeans. Most of our crops are used to feed and bed our animals. Some years we have a few acres to help offset fertilizer and seed costs. In 2020, we began value added products which started Moo Cow Creamery. We began with artisan cheeses and sweet cream butter. We have grown to beef, chicken, eggs, milk, yogurt, heavy cream, buttermilk and ice cream. We also have a food truck where we promote our products thru grilled cheese and ice cream and shakes. We have 3 family members working at the farm, fulltime. Myself, my husband Danny and our daughter, Amber Beachley. Amber’s husband Travis helps when he can and their 2 sons are involved here as well. Our daughter Katie Moser helps when she can as well and her daughter, Hayleigh. We are 8th 9th and 10th generations, all have active roles on the farm today.