Nestled along the scenic banks of the Choptank River, T.L. Morris Seafood captures the essence of Maryland’s rich crabbing tradition. Our carryout crab shack, set against the picturesque backdrop of the river, offers an authentic glimpse into the heart of local seafood culture. Here, you’re not just picking up dinner; you’re stepping into a living story where the rustic charm of the riverfront and the rhythm of the watermen’s daily catch come alive. Throughout the day, visitors have the unique opportunity to see local watermen in action as they land their catch of Blue Crabs right before their eyes. This vibrant spectacle underscores the freshness and authenticity of our offerings, connecting you directly to the source of our prized crabs. While the Blue Crab reigns supreme at T.L. Morris Seafood, we also offer a selection of other seafood delights. Keeping the specifics as broad as the Chesapeake Bay itself, we ensure there’s something for every seafood lover to enjoy. Our variety celebrates the bounty of our waters, making every carryout order a taste of Maryland’s aquatic abundance. Designed exclusively for carryout, T.L. Morris Seafood invites you to bring the authentic flavors of Maryland crabbing into your home. Though there’s no seating available, the ambiance of our quintessential crab shack and the beauty of the Choptank River provide a memorable backdrop for every visit. As a trusted wholesaler, our reach extends beyond the local community, bringing the finest Maryland seafood to restaurants and markets across the East Coast. Whether you’re here for a family feast or sourcing top-quality crabs for your business, you’re part of a tradition that celebrates the very best of Maryland’s waters. Join us in embracing the heritage of the Choptank River and the legacy of Maryland crabbing. At T.L. Morris Seafood, every carryout order is an invitation to experience the authentic charm, witness the dedication of our local watermen, and enjoy the unparalleled taste of our seafood.

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