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Our Address

2950 Garrett Rd. White Hall, MD 21161


39.6565841, -76.5825347

We are a small, diversified commercial herb farm, that engages in environmentally regenerative, and organic practices. At Star Bright Farm, we view the practice of farming as a human creative expression, observant of the blueprint that nature provides; our goal is to foster a durable ecosystem that generates human wellbeing and regenerates environmental health.

We sell our herbs fresh, dried, distilled and have our own line of wellness and skincare products based from the crops we grow.

Our primary product are pure, seed to finish, floral waters, a product known as Hydrosol. Hydrosols are herbal distillates used in skincare as gentle facial toners, cleansers or healing sprays for inflamed or irritated skin.

Many people understand value of farm to table when they see fresh food on their plate, or in the market, but there is still a huge disconnect between consumers and the source of all the other products they use. Many of these products may have begun on a farm, far away and before a number of processing steps.
Our farm closes the loop to and creates locally Grown and Made products for Marylanders to use in other corners of life, other than just the dinner table. Farm to table body care and home care is next step to eat local.