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16040 Woodlawn Lane, Ridge, MD, 20650


38.111255, -76.38535

You can be anywhere in the world and find Maryland seafood on a menu. We’re fortunate at Slack to have that seafood just off our docks and available year round. Our wines are perfect complements to Maryland oysters, blue crabs, rockfish and soft shell clams. Pink Shoals is exceptional with Hanora’s Crab Cakes (the best crab cakes ever). Yellowlegs is terrific with Johnny Murphy’s Corn an d Oyster Casserole and Nana’s Clam Chowder. And our Barbera makes summertim e heirloom tomatoes taste like a slice of heaven. Dessert anyone? Try our Danny Boy Danny. SLACK wine, like Maryland cuisine, is informal, fresh and memorable.