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Our Address

4309 Cooper Rd Whiteford MD 21160


39.7054378, -76.28284439999999


We started our farming adventure in the fall of 2011 when we purchased a dozen chickens. From there we’ve grown to a larger farm in Whiteford with 2 acres of produce, Katahdin sheep, chickens, ducks, Bourbon Red turkeys, Large Black hogs, two Great Pyrenees(our Livestock Guardian Dogs), and of course multiple barn cats!

Our flock of chickens, turkeys, and ducks are all completely pastured and fed certified organic grain.

Our Katahdins eat pasture that isn’t treated at all, and certified organic hay from a neighboring farm. During the late stages of pregnancy and through nursing they are supplemented with organic grain.

Our produce is grown with no pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. We focus on soil health for healthy plants and fruits. We use all certified organic seeds and soil(for seedlings), and only organic treatments for pests.

Our hogs have a whole acre with grasses, trees, brush, and bushes where they can eat to their hearts’ content. They also are fed certified organic grain.

Our farm is not certified organic but we use organic practices, certified organic feed/seeds/soil, and strive for sustainability. We believe that working with the earth is the best way to farm.

We also grow flowers for cutting. We sell bouquets at farmers market and would take small special orders. Please contact for more information.

We offer produce CSA shares, organically raised turkeys at Thanksgiving, and eggs at the farm. We will also have organically raised lamb at Christmas time.

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