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Frederick MD 21703


39.3729916, -77.4587239


Morgan Farms at Acre Hill Homestead is a small, suburban farm in Frederick County, Maryland. It all started with a desire to plant a garden and have a few backyard chickens. From there, it grew. We raise heritage rabbits and ducks, as well as a flock of blue-egg-laying chickens. Available for sale are chicks, hatching eggs, eating eggs, rabbit breeding stock, rabbit meat, rabbit manure and rabbit pelts.

We currently raise and hatch Ameraucana and Olive Egger chickens and Welsh Harlequin ducks. We also have pedigreed American Blue and French Angora rabbits. We maintain two beehives on our property and hope to have honey available in summer of 2015.

We believe in preserving the heritage breeds we raise here on our property.

Our chickens and ducks are fed non-GMO and unmedicated feed and our rabbits are fed a primarily pellet-based (unmedicated) diet, supplemented with pasture and fresh greens Spring-Fall.