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Our Address

5301 Doubs Road, Adamstown, MD, 21710


39.302822, -77.485855


Miolea is a certified organic farm specializing in fresh, seasonal native fruits, including strawberries, blueberries, black and red raspberries, paw-paw, persimmons and service berries. We also sell certified organic free range brown eggs, vegetables and non-gmo organic corn gluten. Miolea also offers free range broilers and rabbits from spring to winter. We use integrated pet management, chickens, cover crops and other sustainable techniques in order to use land the way nature does. We grow vegetables, greens, eggs, and free range organic broilers and friars. Each year we add more plants to the fruit side and are one of the first organic farms to have “Pick-U-R own”. We produce our own honey, jams, jellies, and Organic French and Italian bread made to order. You can also sign up for an intimate (3-4 person) Italian cooking classes, with beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons being offered during the winter. In spring and summer months we offer educational tours of the farm and discuss organics, sustainable farming and ecological impacts. This is great for school trips or other groups interested in learning more about organic and sustainable practices.