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8575 Old Westover Marion Rd, westover, MD, 21871


38.117067, -75.703021


VeggiO cookies, Maryland developed,made and produced.
Cookies that are gluten free,dairy,soy and refined sugar free.Made with all organic and natural non GMO products.
They contain 24 antioxidant herbs and spices,fruits
vegetables,nuts (no peanuts) They are moist and delicious
with nothing artificial and no preservatives.Nothing on the market like them….a true whole foods snack that’s healthy and delicious….Healthy enough to be a meal replacement.

VeggiO has introduced its “NO WHEY” pea protein bar that’s high in protein, moist and delicious with 24 antioxidant herbs and spices, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, refined sugar free

VeggiO “NO WHEY” bars and cookies are made with whole food  ORGANIC, NATURAL, NON GMO ingredients baked in a G/F dedicated facility, NO PRESERVATIVES, wrapped in sustainable packaging.