We welcome you to Linden Hall Farm!

Linden Hall Farm has been around for centuries (please visit our website to learn more about its rich history), but the farm & orchard as its’ known today started in the 1960s with Roy & Betty Byers when Betty started selling produce from the front porch of the house. In the 1980s, the apple building was built, which consists of cold storage and the store that is still used today. The orchard consisted of 26 acres and provided for the store’s sales as well as selling to processing plants. In the mid-1990s, processing plants started outsourcing produce and the price for local sources significantly dropped, so the orchard was reduced to 7 acres, which is just enough for the store’s sales plus a limited quantity sent for processing.

The next 3 generations are proud to continue on this legacy. Not only do we have 7 acres of orchard, several gardens & our farm store that is open during produce season, we are a working dairy farm year-round!

We sell peaches, apples, tomatoes and various other produce by season (July-November). Farm fresh eggs are available year-round. We can’t wait for you to come and visit us!