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1831 Horsmon Farm Lane, St. Leonard, MD, 20685


38.451985, -76.502891


The Cosgroves raise Black Angus Cattle, known to produce high quality beef. The cattle are finished on grass pastures that are planted seasonally to thrive in the unique Southern Maryland climate.

The Pasture Raised Pigs are a mixed breed, generally a heritage breed crossed with a modern breed. This selective breeding helps to ensure a healthy animal that will produce the best quality tasting pork. The pigs have free choice of high quality grain feed and constant access to pasture where they are able to root and forage for their favorite treats like chickweed and acorns.

Chickens also enjoy foraging for bugs and plants, which is exactly what they get to do at Horsmon Farm. Like the pigs, the chickens diet is supplemented with grain. All animals on the farm have access to fresh water.

Agriculture Education is an important aspect of Horsmon Farm. Cathy Cosgrove hosts field trips during the weekdays for both public and private schools as well as daycares. Pre-school aged children will learn that the food they eat every day comes from a farm and NOT just from the grocery store.