Good Dog Farm is a 25-acre vegetable farm in Upperco, Maryland. We use organic growing practices for all of our crops, ensuring you the highest quality and safest produce. We use sustainable growing practices to protect our soil and waterways. We supply our customers in the Baltimore and DC regions with delicious, nutritious food that’s always fresh.

We founded the farm in June of 2016. We grow vegetables year-round thanks to our two high tunnels. Our farm provides a diversity of crops for our Community Supported Agriculture program plus wholesale quantities of unique varieties of storage crops like potatoes, winter squash and sweet potatoes.

Our name comes from our shared love of our three dogs, who remind us to live simply and have fun every day.

With our customizeable CSA share, you can nourish yourself and your family exactly the way you want. Set your produce preferences at the beginning of the season, and receive only your favorites in your box. You can swap items before you receive your box or add extra vegetables for special events or preserving the harvest.

Pick up a share either weekly or biweekly. Going on vacation? No problem! Put your share on hold for the week, or reschedule for another pick up. If you’re having a big party, you can also purchase extra produce to feed a crowd or to preserve the harvest for winter.

Pay 25% of the total cost of your share at sign up, 25% at the first delivery, and the remaining 50% over the course of the deliveries. Please note that DC shares include a delivery fee to cover the cost of our trips to DC. If you are interested in using your SNAP benefits to purchase a CSA share, we do have space available. Please fill out this form and we’ll be in touch.