The Farm
Agriculture has been an important part of our family for nearly a century. Highland Heights Farm was founded in 1924 by our great grandfather Calvin, who excelled in the swine industry and his son, our grandfather William, later followed in his footsteps. In the 1980’s, brothers Allen and Stewart led the farm’s next generation switching the primary focus to dairy cattle. The dairy farm steadily grew throughout the subsequent decades with the herd peaking at over 300 cows. In 2004, Allen and his wife Kim worked together to start Hawks Hill Creamery in an effort to provide quality local agricultural products and avoid dependence upon fluctuating milk prices.

The Brewery
A new “farm brewery” license classification, a passion for good beer and local products, along with a desire to continue the family’s agricultural tradition sparked the family to create Falling Branch Brewery, Harford County’s first farm brewery led by the farm’s fourth generation. Following years of planning and hard work, small-batch beer production began at the farm in fall of 2015. In Summer of 2021 with the installment of our new 15BBL brewhouse, larger production onsite was able to come to fruition taking us onto our next journey.