Taking over 800 International, National and Regional awards has made Elk run not only one of the top 100 winery’s on the east coast but the most acclaimed winery in Maryland. In 2012 Elk Run won 10 Gold medals and 4 Gold best of Class in the Mid Atlantic Seaboard. The first winery to have ever done so in the history of that competition.

Elk Run Vineyards is nestled in the rolling hills of Frederick County surrounded by dairy and horse farms, fields of wheat and corn. The name “Elk Run” was chosen for a stream. The deed name to the property is the “Resurvey of Cold Friday.” It was a land grant from the King of England to Lord Baltimore. The winemaker’s home is circa 1756. Since 1983 Fred and Carol Wilson and Neill Bassford, family and friends, have made Elk Run a shining star among American wine producers.

While a few wines are augmented by additional fruit, Elk Run Grows all the varieties it makes. Elk Run is the sole grower, producer of Gewurztraminer, the first and one of two who grow Pinot Noir (4 time Gold medal winner in 2012 for our 2010).