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4730 Bicknell Road, Marbury, MD, 20658


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Professional, dedicated beekeeping

Our mission – to act as a steward and advocate for the honeybees and to be the voice of the revolution in respectful, chemical free beekeeping!!

We offer hands on education, locally made equipment, natural size honeybees that have been raised without pesticides or pharmaceuticals and support – right in your apiary!

Our compact composter allows you to recycle food waste into premium quality soil for your plants and garden. it’s so clean and odorless, you can use it right inside your kitchen. You already recycle… Take the next easy step!

We keep a small orchard of our family’s heirloom fig.  In 1921, Leo Briguglio left his family home in Fiumedinisi, Italy and set out to make a better life for himself in America.  he carried with him a bit of a fig tree that he loved in Sicily.  upon arriving in America, the slip was rooted and planted in the soil behind that shoe shop that was called home.

The skin is light green, the inside has a deep, hot pink, jelly like center.  it is the sweetest, most delicious fig that we have ever come across.