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Street, Maryland


39.66899410000001, -76.37940509999999


We are a homesteading hobby farm in lovely Street, MD. We raise meat rabbits, laying hens and broilers, sheep, dairy and meat goats as well as organic veggies.

The best way to protect ourselves from the dangerous contamination of our food supply and to begin to exert pressure on agribusinesses to adopt healthier, more sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices is to opt out of the system to the extent possible.

We will do this by producing as much of our own food as naturally as we can. What we are unable to produce ourselves we will seek from local farms which employ sustainable, eco-friendly agricultural techniques and practices. We will seek to do business with firms which use sustainably produced agricultural commodities in the production of their value added products.

We will encourage others to do the same. We will advocate to family, friends, neighbors and legislators the benefits of sustainable agricultural practices and the dangers inherent in changing the biological blueprint of the foods and food systems our Creator God designed for us to consume to stay healthy.