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Our Address

3365 Hall Creek Lane, Owings, MD 20736


38.690406, -76.667956


5,2,1 Family Farm is a venture started when I (Jason Luby) was laid off in the Construction Industry. As I worked to find another job, we decided to start raising chickens and goats for our own family needs. From there our farm has grown as our interests and knowledge increased. In 2013 we named our farm 5,2,1 Family Farm – 5,2,1 being taken from the Bible, Matthew 25:14-29 – the parable of the talents. “to some he gave 5…to some he gave 2…and to some he gave 1” 5,2,1. We believe when you are given a gift – whether a talent, finances, or ability – you need to invest that gift, share it with others, help more then yourself and in the end – be able to offer back more then you were first given. With this, we are a first-generation family farm, started with the sole intent on raising healthy choice foods for our large family. As the farm grew, we have been able to offer more options then we saw in our first vision for the farm. God has truly blessed us from all our children involved in our farm to the growth we have seen thus far. It is exciting for us to see where we have come from just 2 short years ago and exciting to imagine just where we are headed and the anticipation of what lies ahead.