For Moms, By Moms

For Moms, By Moms

The temperatures are warming, the sun is shining (mostly), and bees are starting to wake – it’s about to be full on springtime, which means it’s also time to gear up for Mother’s Day! As we reflect on the awesomeness of Moms, we couldn’t help but think about another amazing group – the Maryland Cut Flowers Association. Filled with moms who are growing beautiful flowers, it only seemed right that we would feature these hard-working mamas – and offer a great way to get local flowers for the mom in your life!

Below is a sample of some of the Maryland cut flower farms including the inspiring women behind them. We encourage you to take your mom or other moms you know out to the farms and enjoy a day of building bouquets. Many of them also have arrangements ready to go so that you can swing by and pick one up on your way to celebrate the mom or mom figure in your life!

Mother’s Day is May 12 and Maryland cut flowers are available year-round but especially in April-November.

Amanda Miller, Chesapeake Gold Farms

Chesapeake Gold Farms

Location: North East (Cecil County)

How to Purchase: Consumers can buy straight from our farm during our store open hours or pre-order bouquets off our website.

Subscription Available: Yes

From the FarmHER: I got into growing cut flowers after I grew all of my flowers for my wedding. I fell in love with growing and designing and wanted to bring others joy through beautiful flowers. MORE

I just became a new mom and am adjusting to my new normal. I knew it was going to be a lot while still being able to get everything done on the farm. Lila has already been in the greenhouse checking on flowers with me this spring and she will be harvesting flowers with me soon enough. I can’t wait to have a little helper that I get to share all of my tips and tricks with. Teaching agriculture to the next generation is why I do it!

Katelin Frase, Vintage Family Farms


Vintage Family Farms 

Location: Hurlock (Dorchester County) 

How to Purchase: Online or on-farm.

Subscription Available: Yes

From the FarmHER: My name is Katelin Frase. I own and operate Vintage Family Farms as a homeschooling momma. COVID changed my profession and calling from teacher to flower farmer.MORE

My girls were my complete inspiration in coming home and changing my life.I hope to inspire them to follow their dreams and see their Mom take a vision and make it a reality/business. We grow flowers as sustainably as we can – with a focus on bringing the community out to have their own farm memories as well as selling local flowers to florists, bouquets to produce stands and through u-pick flowers. We also offer “flowertainment” events for our community so families can create fun flower arrangements and projects with their friends, families and loved ones!


Elisa Lane, Two Boots Farm

Two Boots Farm

Location: Hampstead (Carroll County)

How to Purchase:  Visit Two Boots Farm at the Baltimore Farmers Market every Sunday from April through the end of October.  You can also order bulk flower buckets or curated wedding and event designs from our website. 

From the FarmHER: The farm is a family-centered business. My mother-in-law and father-in-law help out. My daughter Amelia runs her own rabbitry and my daughter, Dori, raises our family chickens for eggs. My husband grows and sells heirloom vegetables and works off the farm. 

Emma Jackson, Cut Clover Flowers

Cut Clover Flowers

Location: Clarksburg (Montgomery County)

How to Purchase: If you’d like a hassle-free bouquet or arrangement to brighten up your kitchen, visit: or find our bouquets at Each Peach Market in Washington, DC! Cut Clover Flowers is located at Hidden Ridge Farm in Clarksburg, inside of the Ag Reserve. 

Subscription Available: Yes

From the FarmHER: Hello!  I’m Emma Jackson, the farmer-florist behind Cut Clover Flowers. I’m a mom to three young kids who believes in living seasonally and sustainably.  But let’s be honest, that can be… daunting. MORE

I feel like little plastic toys and stickers and unbelievable amounts of packaging flow into and out of my home on a weekly basis just in the pursuit of survival, entertainment, and nutrition.  One day I realized that while I can’t control all these things all the time, I can control how I grow and package our flowers.

Any mom who buys an arrangement from me is getting a product and packaging that is totally compostable or recyclable. They can trust that their bouquets have been grown with the utmost care and consideration into our environmental impact.  They are getting something really beautiful, that in the words of one recipient “made me love my house”, without guilt when you no longer need or want them. Having nature in the house is good for everybody.  My kids love the flowers as much as I do. In fact, it has taken a few years for my oldest to accept that they can’t ALL come home with us, that they are in fact, to make other families happy too. Follow us on Instagram @Cutcloverflowers to learn about seasonality and watch the flowers bloom.

Brittany Doyle, Dahlia & Vine Flower Farm

Dahlia & Vine Flower Farm

Location: Prince Frederick (Calvert County)

How to Purchase: Direct off our website or visit our farmstand Wednesday-Sunday 10AM-7PM.

Subscription: Yes

From the FarmHER: I left my job in the medical field to start full-time flower farming in 2021 after having two kids back-to-back, working in the hospital system during COVID and desperately needing a change!MORE

Farming with two young kids in tow has been no easy feat, but being able to be home with them and have them up in the field with me playing alongside me while I work has been the biggest blessing as a mom. I know how hard all moms work, and being able to grow flowers to share with others and bring joy into another mom’s day are one of the biggest perks of the job!

Maya Kosok, Hillen Homestead


Hillen Homestead 

Location: Baltimore City

How to Purchase: Bouquet subscription April, June, and Sept, Bulk flowers for DIY weddings through florists we supply in Baltimore, DC, and NOVA



Liza Goetz with Lizzy Goetz, Wildly Native Flower Farm

Wildly Native Flower Farm

Location: Chestertown (Kent County)

How to Purchase: Right on the website is EASY! Phone calls are great too. 






Plant Masters 

Carol Carrier, Plant Masters

Location: Woodbine (Howard County)

How to Purchase: Multiple farmers markets (see below)

From the FarmHER: Here’s something I have noticed about children and flowers, you can’t see the results of all your hard work until they start to bloom. You can’t only live on flowers but the work is good for your body and the blooms good for your soul. Just because your children don’t act like they like gardening doesn’t mean they won’t come back to it as an adult with some perspective about how life works.MORE

Our flowers are available at farmers markets in Maryland at The Montgomery Farm Women’s Cooperative Market, 7155 Bethesda MD; Kensington Farmers  Market on Saturdays;The Bethesda Central Farmers Market in the Bethesda Elementary school parking lot on Sundays; and the Olney Farmers and Artists Market on Sundays. Additionally, we attend the Columbia Heights Farmers Market and 14th and U St Market on Saturdays in Washington DC. If you are a floral professional check out our cooperative Chesapeake Flower Exchange for wholesale and event work at

Priscilla Leitch, Anchored Roots Farm LLC

Anchored Roots Farm LLC 

Location: Hollywood (St. Mary’s County)

How to Purchase: See website and social media for details on our flower CSA, workshops, events, florist sales, and more!

From the FarmHER: We grow speciality cut flowers in St Mary’s County. Celebrating moms on Mother’s Day is one of our favorite holidays, and it’s during a week in the Spring  where specialty cut flowers usually take center stage in a rainbow of colors, scents, and shapes to delight the senses! 


Sarah Hultz, Zangs Farm

Zangs Farm 

Location: Harwood, MD (Anne Arundel County)

How to Purchase: We are currently offering CSA subscriptions, bulk buckets for DIY events, and floral arrangements for Mothers Day. You can shop our farm Roadside stand or find us at the Anne Arundel County Farmers Market. 

From the FarmHER: My interest in flowers all started from learning from my grandmother, who loved to grow Zinnias. As a young teen, I would help my grandmother cut and arrange Zinnias bouquets for the market where I learned to interact with local consumers. My grandmother taught me the value of local products and how we can nourish the community around us. She taught me that women can work just as hard as men and should be valued the same. MORE

Since then, I have been dedicated to providing fresh cut flowers, floral arrangements, wholesale relationships, and special events to my fellow consumers. 

I am now a mom of three young kids and growing flowers brings me much joy. Being a mom is a full-time job and I believe all moms need to have an outlet where they can serve a purpose and feel good about themselves. Most importantly, being a mom and flower grower, I want to teach my kids the importance of agriculture, in hopes that they will be 4th Generational farmers. Floriculture as an industry, I believe is undervalued, specifically smaller growers, which are typically women. My hope is that the community continues to support and source their flowers from local farms. 

Over the past two years, my dad and I opened our farm to “Pick Your Own Flowers,” and it has been a positive experience for many people, including mothers who enjoy bringing their children with them. We hope to continue that offering this year.

Kristy Dulin, Kristy’s Backyard Blooms

Kristy’s Backyard Blooms

Location: Centreville, MD (Queen Anne’s County)

How to Purchase: Directly from the farm (Open April – June)

From the FarmHER: I got into the flower industry because of the love and reward of working beside my mom and aunts that are like mothers to me.  Growing up on a vegetable farm in AACo I grew to love the Spring growing season most.  We grew vegetable plants and annual flowers for both the public and personal use for our own vegetable stand and cut flower field. The farm won the centennial farm award in 1995.  It was called Papa John’s. MORE

It gave me great reward to have my mom and aunts as mentors.  Still to this day I look back and look at it as not a job or something I HAD to do because I just enjoyed it.  I just really enjoyed learning and watching seeds and plants grow.
  I now mentor my own children and teach them the ropes of growing annual flowers.  My daughter Emma has gained interest in cut flowers. She told me I will have to shrink down my vegetable garden this summer for some of her new varieties she plans to grow. She plans to sell at the local farmers markets.
 It gives me great joy to have moms come out and visit the farm.  So many hanging baskets, containers, and bedding annuals are available for all your spring and summer color!  I encourage them to involve their children by providing them with their own plant to take care of and watch it grow all summer. Its fun to see the kids come with their mom’s season after season and give me the report on how well their plant grew or how many tomatoes they harvested off the vine!
So this Mother’s Day I hope to see more moms with their kids growing more annuals and enjoying the beauty of plants and spending time learning and growing with mom together.



Chesapeake Flower Exchange

Kristi Gill, Gill Hill Flower Farm; 1 of 9 Members of the Exchange

Location: Ashton, MD (Montgomery County)

How to Purchase: Online at Rooted Farmers
From the FarmHER: I got into flower farming as a way to have complete control of my schedule to accommodate my young son’s needs. I was determined to switch course and find work that fit into my life, I was tired of settling for squeezing in life around the work demands of others. Growing sustainably, and teaching the next generation about the importance of self sufficiency and treating the environment around us with respect gives me a sense of purpose.
Kristi Gill, Chief Plant Ambassador and mom