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Marinated Peppers for Grilling

Recipe courtesy of St. Helier Farm


  • Enjoy your favorite fresh picked peppers by marinating them in an Italian dressing of your choice. Popular varieties of peppers include: Sweet Banana, Cuban Elle (Italian sweet pepper), Anaheim Chile (hot), Hungarian Wax (hot).
  • Prepare Italian dressing according to the directions on the packet, or your favorite recipe. You may substitute bottled dressing if you prefer. Allow peppers to marinate for several hours or overnight. They will keep several weeks in marinade if they are covered well. You may add additional vinegar to achieve this. Any combination of pepper varieties, sweet or hot, work well with this recipe. Serve grilled peppers as a side dish for steak, roast beef or pork, as well as chicken. They are also delicious served on hamburgers, hot dogs, and cold cut sandwiches or subs.