Twin Oak Farms

Twin Oak Farms is located just south of Stockton MD about two miles north of the Virginia state line on Maryland Rt. 12. Our Farm Market  has a wide selection of Farm Fresh Local fruits and vegetables much of which is grown right at the farm. We also have a wide selection of other Local Meats, Local Dairy Products including Ice Cream, and other Local Ag products. Twin Oak Farms also has a variety of Homemade Country Style Canned Goods including many different types of jams, relish and salsa made on the farm which are also available online.

Our address

1128 Snow Hill Rd, Stockton, MD, 21864
38.041279, -75.408578
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Hours of Operation

Open May-December Fall Hours Friday - Sunday 10-6 PM. Canned Goods Available Year Round on Web-Page

Additional Information

Operating Acres: 60
Opertaing Since: 1941

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