Stony Branch Growers

Stony Branch Growers is a family farm operating in Rocky Ridge, Maryland. We offer community-supported agriculture (CSA) packages throughout our harvest season of June-September. The current price for CSA membership for 1 full share (6-8 items per week) is only $400 for the entire season . A 1/2 share is $225 (3-4 items per week) for the entire season. Boxes can be picked up at the farm or at our pick-up locations in Baltimore.

Our address

9910 Points Rd., Rocky Ridge, MD, 21778
39.659317, -77.325959
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Hours of Operation

Produce available Sat/Sun at Rocky Ridge Location (12PM-5PM), Thurmont Farmers' Market on Select Sat (9AM-12PM), Baltimore CSA pick-up Sunday (1PM-5PM) 1600 S. Hanover St. #A.

Additional Information

Operating Acres: 220
Opertaing Since: 1962

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