Dandelion and Rust Farm

We’re a small scale, diversified farm nestled in the mountains outside Frederick, Maryland. We love to grow the unusual: aromatic culinary herbs, funky fruits, unusual heirlooms, and other things that catch our fancy.

We sell to local restaurants, and will be launching a CSA for the 2020 growing season. Visit our website, or drop us a line to learn more. We started our business in 2019, and hope to grow into our land gradually.

We grow in accordance with organic methods, striving to create robust, resilient ecosystems. This means working with internal nutrient cycling and pest suppression as much as possible. In these early days of our farm, we are not certified organic. Our practices include using low tillage methods to work the soil, embracing compost, planting our aisles with clover to reduce erosion, and using paper mulches instead of plastic.

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Highland School Road, Myersville, MD 21773
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Opertaing Since: 2019

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