Get your greens, turkey, oysters and sip Maryland wine!

Get your greens, turkey, oysters and sip Maryland wine!

November is a great time to be a Marylander! A bit of the Southern warmth remains, while the days take on the chill of the season to come. It’s the perfect time to eat and drink local.

Maryland farmers produce a bountiful crop of collards, kale, mustard greens and turnip greens. Most of the local is at the farmers markets and farm stands, but some grocery stores carry them and you can always ask for them. Many of us with a Southern heritage include greens on the Thanksgiving table. And, then there’s the Southern Maryland treat of stuffed ham (includes kale!) Watch this video.

Local farmers also produce turkeys, including heritage breeds that will make your Thanksgiving special. Search for turkey in the search function on Maryland’s Best. Check out this video from a Cecil County turkey farmer.

Maryland oystermen and oyster farmers are pulling up the bounty of our waters this month. Try them shucked in stews and fried. Or, enjoy their raw briny essence.

Finish off with one of Maryland’s wines, spirits or beers.

Try this recipe for your greens!